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Google Re-worked Image SearchIn an effort to make it easier and faster to search images, Google has re-designed its application to find images on the Internet. In a constant effort to keep its technology at the forefront of the virtual world, Google has once again shown us that it’s wise to stay ahead of the curve. A lesson we should all be reminded of from time to time.

There is a reason Google is one of the biggest names online; it creates the trend setting technology that puts them at the front of the pack. Their search engine is the most widely used because it is considered the best technology among the major search engines in existence. But that is no reason to simply sit back and let the world go by.

It is always good to learn a few things from the successful and this is it: you should always be moving forward. Whether you are Google or the bagel shop that needs to update its website, you never want to become stagnant; not from a creative standpoint or a technological one. The newer image search, just recently rolled out, enables faster uploads and looks much cleaner and crisper than before. If you think this is what big companies do and you don’t need to look at your own site because it is good enough, well, I would say this:
there’s a reason they are BIG companies.

Learn from Google. You can prevent falling behind everyone else by simply staying way out in front of everyone else.

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