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WaterCare.comNuTerra, LLC, an internet development company based in Green Bay, WI, has announced the launching of

WaterCare®, based in Appleton, WI is a recognized leader in today’s water treatment industry. It is home to a dedicated manufacturing operation that supports a nationwide network of water treatment professionals, including a growing international dealer base.

The recently developed website features the latest in residential and commercial water testing and treatment practices. In addition, the site features a complete library of manuals on water filtration systems, water conditioners and complete water drinking systems.

NuTerra, LLC is a 15-year-old Internet development company specializing in web applications that are unique to each individual business. NuTerra is based on the premise that because every business has an unique way to work, subsequently, the online reflection of that company should be the same.

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NuTerra participates in Take'Em Outdoors Sporting Clays 08/25/12

It was a great time for a great cause. The NuTerra crew and friends took to the shooting range this weekend to shoot clays and raise money. It was a charity sporting clays shoot organized by Take ‘Em Outdoors- a non-profit that takes children with severe or terminal illnesses and wounded veterans out fishing and hunting. We at NuTerra are proud to be affiliated with and were happy to be a part of such a fun day. Thank you to Shad Loch for putting on such a great benefit and thank you to all our friends who joined us Saturday.

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Q: Do I need a mobile website?
A: Yes.

Q: I didn’t need a mobile website five years ago. What’s changed?
A: Five years ago, not everyone had a smartphone. Now they do.

Even the people who don’t have a smartphone will eventually have one; sooner rather than later. It’s just the way the world has gone. Smartphones have rapidly taken over the mobile market and using your smartphone to gather knowledge has become the new normal. So if you don’t have a mobile website, you are potentially losing out on business.

The big reason you are losing out is because mobile users online have very different habits than people sitting behind a PC in their homes. Typical PC users can spend an average of an hour online looking up information or surfing the web. Mobile users typically spend about five minutes looking up very specific information and then move on.

If you’re not clear how this may affect you, consider this: you own an auto repair shop. Someone is sitting on the side of the road and they need to make a call for a tow. They have heard of you through your marketing efforts, or know of you from an acquaintance, so they pick up the handy smartphone and Google you. Your website comes up. Not a mobile site, because you don’t have one. It’s your regular site (you’ve had for years) and it is too big for the screen, the links are too small to tap on and they are thoroughly frustrated. Not just by your site, remember, they are sitting on the side of the road in a broken down car. Giving up, they go back to Google, look up “tow truck” and “auto repair” and click on the next link to (gasp) your competition. Their mobile site makes it easy to for the new customer to become just that: a new customer.

It’s possible this exact scenario may not apply to your business, but it is possible that people converse in the world. And if the subject of your business enters the conversation, don’t you think you should make it as easy as possible for people to get information about your company as quickly as possible? It’s not outlandish to think that someone may just want a quick answer or your contact information to give to a friend.

Look, I could make the pitch that it will make you money and that the invest will get a return and blah-blah-blah- but I’m not trying to sell you anything. I am answering the question: do you need a mobile website? The answer is yes.

If nothing else, this falls under the heading of moving your business forward. Business professionals know that if you’re not moving your business forward, than you’re moving backward- because everyone else is moving forward and leaving you behind.

If you’re ever looking for a good example of what that business philosophy is referring to: please re-read the above example of the auto repair shop.

As always, if you’re looking to mobilize your website, or just have questions about any online possibilities, feel free to contact and we are happy to help. For more specific information on Mobile Websites, click here.

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