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the-timbers-resort-home-pageNuTerra LLC is proud to announce that we have just completed projects for The Timbers Resort and Eyes-Guy Guide Service. Owners Tim and Sarah Long were looking for a new fresh mobile responsive approach to both of their websites. They were open to our help with corporate branding to create a new logo for Tims’ Eyes-Guy site and to incorporate new ways to reach their customers by integrating both SEO techniques and Facebook feeds/social media into both of their sites. We happily went to work creating sites that they could feel confident would get their message out. It was important to us from our veteran experience in working with both guides and resorts to make it easier than ever for their clients to book both guide trips or make reservations for their resort.  In addition to easy to fill out forms on both sites, we also added an option to sign up for seasonal newsletters for events and announcements. It was also a priority to create sites that would capture and embrace the various seasons and experiences that visitors can expect to have.

eyes-guy-guide-service-home-pageOur team is looking forward to following the positive growth and results that we are confident will happen as a direct result of our excellent partnership and work with Tim and Sarah. It is our sincere hope that these new sites will give their visitors searching for that outdoor experience- a sense of joy, excitement and a glimpse of what great experiences are instore for them on legendary Lake Gogebic.

nelson-and-nelson-guide-service-home-pageNuTerra, LLC, an Internet development company based in Green Bay, WI, has announced the launching of A Green Bay and De Pere Fish Guide Service, Nelson & Nelson Guide Services will connect you to the some of the best fishing in the world on the bay of Green Bay, the Fox River, and Lake Winnebago. Check it out today to see the what you could be catching this year.

Granite Dust Premium Fishing Lure CoatingNuTerra, LLC, an Internet development company based in Green Bay, WI, has announced the launching of The Original Granite Dust Premium Powdered Lure Coating is the finest quality coating available. A responsive website, easy to use, and features a multitude of products for the do-it-yourself fishing lure enthusiast. Featuring Granite Dust quality, ease of use, color selection, and durability. The website is a fully functioning shopping experience; complete with opportunities to become dealers and tools for existing dealers. Check out the state of the art Granite Dust today to get your Granite Dust Premium Lure Coating.

all-canada-website-launchThe All-Canada Show, an indispensable tool for outdoor lovers planning their next adventure to Canada. It is a multifaceted site displaying a multitude of lodges and camps in in the great north and details the upcoming schedule of the traveling All-Canada Show. The site features an easy to use map navigation to hone in on hundreds of lodges around the great Canadian outback; complete with links to the sites and pricing. In addition, the All-Canada Show travels the country for a face-to-face opportunity for outdoor enthusiasts to meet with a variety of lodge owners and talk details of fishing, wild game and amenities.

In addition, is a responsive website designed to load quickly and presentable on all devices, All-Canada will recognize the device it’s being viewed on (PC, tablet, smart phone, etc.) and will employ different elements of it’s programming to ensure the interactive experience is enjoyable.

Responsive Website DesignSmart devices just made history and it might be time you (and your site) were responsive to it.

Something happened recently to the Internet and it happened quietly. You may not have noticed, but you may have been a part of it. Have you shopped recently using your phone or tablet? If you have, then you just helped make Internet history. Because, according to measurement firm comScore, 55% of all time spent with online retail was done using a mobile device. So now more than half of internet users are looking at your site with a smart phone or tablet. The question is: How do you respond to this? The answer: be responsive.

More to the point make your website responsive; not just to users, but to what they are using. What are we talking about? Well, your website loads into smart phones and tablets (a question we get constantly is about the already grown market of smart devices to look at their websites). How good does your website work on smart phones? For years the answer has been mobile versions of sites, which aren’t bad. But the new reality is described in one word: responsive.

What does “responsive” mean when it comes to websites? Essentially, it means your site will detect what device it is loading onto and it will respond to that device. For example, if it is loading on to a specific smart phone, the site may not load certain graphic elements so the site loads faster. And that is the end result, sites load faster on to the specific device it is interacting with. Faster load s means happier users and ultimately, happier customers.

The other element is how it looks. The responsive site will load into the tablet with fluid viewing dimensions for the user to see. Essentially this means the site will load to the size of the screen it is displayed; making the user experience that much better.

Why is this important? As a business owner, we don’t have to tell you the need for making your product accessible to half of your customers. It might be time to update your site. Now over half the Internet now looks at your site with their phones. Something you should be responsive to.

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